Finially made it out of the south. Been in Long Island for 6 hours now, halfway moved into the apartment (the place is huge, should be for the money it costs) Unsure of the bday plans (27 on June 26th) Was supposed to be in BaltyMore, but that's up in the air. DSL line is to be turned on in a few days, that shall be fun. It feels like a new beginning, and as much as I've left behind in Florida, I feel optimistic of this move. Alone again.

The week spent back home in Woodstock, CT, was fast. Helped and old DJ friend set up a new club in Worcester, Massachusetts. Nice system, 4 intelligent lights, fog machine, 2 cerwin vega earthquake subs, 2500 watts of power. Looks nice, the place was packed (all he plays is crap house and Hip hop. Sucky music, but was cool to play with club sound again.

Worked for the father unit for a day for some cash, went to an auction preview afterwards. All the stuff I can't afford and dont have the room for, nice to dream tho. Seems like life right now is all dreams, and possibilities, and regrets. Too many of those. Where are you, my evil? twin.

And all this churns within this tired head.

Broke my right hand yesterday. Really just the pinky knuckle. Had 3 hours of pain wracked sleep. Taught that piece of 1/4 inch slate who was boss though. It was.