10pm Saturday Watching the Green Mile. Interesting movie.
"To tell the truth Boss, I don't know much of anything. Never have".
I find that ironic, as I think back on the email she sent. You need a healthy dose of dissillusionment-she says to me. I guess so. A dream defered is like a raisin in the sun. Randy is on the way back with Yusa I presume. Wish I had the money to get out of here for while, but it's a big apartment. Wow, good movie. We're all supposed to drive up to Hartford tomorrow for one of Randy's friends kids bday party. Randy and Yusa are gana roll tomorrow (night I hope). I have no such desire. I'm thinking about that 12 rack of Corona's in the fridge, think it's time for one. More later
Randy and Yusa just left, and I finishd the movie. They tried to talk me into going to The Velvet Lounge, a place I think will feature prominently in my future, but not tonight. Turned the TV off, and put on some Cowboy Junkies and lit some candles. Just me an the little woman, E2 (grin). It's nice to be alone tonight, I think. When Randy was in the other room, she says to my in her sing song mix of accents:
"Why don't you come? It nice to have another person, talk talk each other."
I said "Nah, you guys need to get to know each other, spend some time".
"yeah yeah, we talk, you my friend. That talk make you miss each other, I no want to miss."
I can understand that. All too well. That's why I'm here alone. She told us a story of the Lebanese man with five kids, he had no arms. She gave the kids piggy back rides on the plane. Yusa is a Thai stewardess on Royal Jordanian Airlines. It's cool to see Randy with cool chick, he's had some wacked ones. But that was a long time ago.
"And if it's in your powers please, purge the memories of this place" Cowboy Junkies.
I think of Florida, of what I'd be doing right now. The change is nice, needed, but it's going so fast..as I drive around this area, I wonder if two years from now I'll be leaving here, leaving a whole new set of ghosts and demons and screwed up attempts at love, a circle of freaks that I will gather about me, and to run away again. God, who knows.
Just did a tarot reading for some girl in Minnesota on alt.com chat. She got a kick out of it. Maybe I should buy a 900 number (lol) Six coronas down and looking hard at number seven. Randy and Yusa aren't back yet..that's right, the bars here in NY stay open till 4 am. Now that's civilization. Played Zelda on my antique NES for a bit, never did beat that game. I love saytrday knights at home.