Saturday morning/afternoon. Spent the evening at a bar called Sinners and Saints. Groovy place, long and narrow, deep crimson walls, black couches and nice bar. One pool table at the end of the room. Ran said table for a few games, for drinks. Black Haus and Newcastle, and my stomach is still ripped. Randy drove home, and I passed out on the floor in the living room. Last thing I remember is him placing two hot dogs by me to eat as I slid into unconciousness..then waking up later and crawling into my room, and falling asleep to the blue light I left on so I wouldn't puke. That's a trick I learned awhile's so easy to pass out staring at a non-white light. God I love drinking. Yusa (roommates girlfriend) is flying in from Dublin tonite, we've been cleaning. I like this new apartment, huge with bare walls; I managed to secure some of my smaller antique pieces of furniture, they look nice in here. At least someone will appreciate them.
Finially heard from Baltimore. I should be able to retrieve my paints (my life, my blood) and paintings soon. I miss them.

Still haven't found work. This sucks.