NY makes my head itch
Perhaps I can squeak this one by the usual people who downvote me :) Regardless, I had an interesting weekend.

Spent 8 hours of it stuck in NY-CT traffic, which either moves at 5 MPH, or 80 MPH. One thing sticks in my mind..I'm coming south on 95, and there is some new lane contruction. I'm looking at the left hand lane, which looks vaguely like another traveling lane, but is actually the left side breakdown lane. Think to myself "I could fit Lilith in there and ditch this traffic (which was moving at a sluggish 65 mph) Glance down at the radio, and look back up as a BMW blows by me at about 70 mph in said lane, and cuts me off as again said lane is narrowing down to nothing (it actually was a breakdown lane, not an unmarked passing lane) I jacked the brakes and swore at the jerk. My instant reaction was to speed up and get on his bumper, but instead I merely flashed my lights and flicked him off. Road rage is no joke, if I hadn't been attacked by the guy I plowed into in florida two years ago, I might have tapped this guys bumper without thinking. Moral of the story: Yes some people are stupid drivers, usually coincides with the relative value of their car. But that doesn't give you the right to be as stupid as they are.

Had an intresting weekend in CT, saw my friend Christy, she was in from California. She almost beat me whebn she saw Lilith, I had to explain every dent and mangled body part (I bought the car off her in June 99 when she moved out there) Christy tried to convince me to move out to Cali. Some day, perhaps, but if Florida people bugged me with their apathy, I think Californians would drive me insane with their shallowness. Am I too judgemental? Probally, but it works for me. We puffed and saw Final Fantasy and Jurassic Park 3 back to back. Final Fantasy is absolutely awesome, I thought it was a marvel of animation. J3 I wouldn't make EDB sit through.

Talked to Isobel in Florida..she says she's slowly planning on moving in with The Dark Jester over the next few months. I apologized for my mistakes I made down there, with her and other friends. Kind of a moot point, but I dwell on my demons, or better put, they dwell in me. Maybe I should stop feeding them and they'll go away.