I am a confused moron
No really, I am. All of a sudden, I am being yanked in three different directions by three people who all live far away, some farther still soon. And to think I thought moving here would simplify my life.
Randy came home today in a panic. The Lotus Notes developement company he works for is driving him mad, three of his customers (Coca Cola, Delta Faucet, and Johnson & Johnson) are all having problems with software he is the product manager for. Poor kid is pulling his hair out. Makes my simple emotional problems almost pale in contrast, but hell, they're important to me, right?
His trip is canceled, just as well, I'm too beat to enjoy this place alone anyways.
I dug up an old Pharmocognosy reference guide I had packed. I plan on noding out of it soon, this book is incrediable. Plans, plans, plans.
The new job is going well, I innocently made a suggestion today of using spray adhesive instead of hand applying glue, the boss flipped and tried it, ended up saving a hour or two on that particular process. He was pleased, to say the least. Yankee Ingenuity (TM) Inside!