Another day. Woke this morning to a violent thunderstorm, smiled and rolled over. Rose at noon. Took one look at the non-functioning Dell ( hear his name is George), and decided to actually make that call about the surveying job.
So I find myself again Smithtown. Such a charming place. Skipped the usual beer in fear of wasting another afternoon buried in the bowels of a yuppie irish bar, went in search of a payphone. Found one. It stole my quarter. Great, good omen. Found another one, call goes through.
"Hello. Blah blah Surveying. Miss Gatekeeper speaking"
"Uh, hi. I'm calling about the instrument man job?"
"I'll put you through to Mr. Smith" (actual name)
CLICK. "please insert 10 cents for more time"
-what the phuck- shove in two more quarters
"Hello? Hello?"
"Yes, I'm sorry, but the position has been filled. If you'd like, fax a resume in case the present guy doesn't work out"
"Are you sure? I have experience."
"Oh yes, but it's been filled. Feel free to fax us,in case".
So, damn. There is another add, decide to wait. Walk around a bit, and notice a store called UR BUSTED. Survellience, Electronics, Services. Intrigued, I walk ain and ask them if they need "any guys". Amazingly enough, I met both owners and they seemed really interested when I told them my background. I think something may come about. I hope so, rent is looming, my -share- is $500 out of $1600.
Have to stay up tonight until 2:00am. Randy has to teleconference to the programming site in Jordan. His exact words:
"Dude. Kick me in the face to wake me up, I don't care." I wish some former roommates had asked me that, I actually would have.
So a night of coronas, smoking and puters. How fun.
1:44am God, still awake. Listening to windigo's perfect circle cd that I borrowed. I miss her. Talked to my mom this evening, found out she's putting our spread in Woodstock up for sale, hopefully to delay the mortage company from forclosing. I feel like a complete shit spending this money on rent when I should be there working and trying to save the house..but there is no work in that area of CT that would pay enough to make a difference anyways. I want her to sell anyways, I have nothing but horrible memories of that house anyways. Lots of them.