Muppets and Rivet-heads, Oh My!

So, last night was my first venture into NYC that was for pleasure, not pay.

Let me describe the night:

First was the Berlin show at the Vanderbuilt, in Long Island. They were abfab, really. A great show, and one of the few bands that realize its the fans that make a band, not the record deals. Missing Persons opened for was rather sad. The lead singer was too drunk to stand, let alone sing.

After the show ended, we toddled off home to pick up our designated driver for the city adventure, and headed off to Contempt, at Twirl on 23rd St. in Manhattan. Contempt is a bi-monthly industrial/fetish party, featuring the oddest assortment of rivets, muppets, crossdressers, and other assorted pierced and tatooed freaks.

I sat on a couch and tried not to puke up my $7 rum and coke.

Stumbled out at 4 am to greet the empty city streets, the mad dash home to the woods of Long Island, and blissful sleep.

It's good to be back, I missed New England.