Christmas shopping is just buying things for other people that you really want for yourself but would never actually buy

So I did it. For the first, I went out and bought presents for some people. I've probally screwed myself by now by never buying anyone anything, but I guess we'll see.

At Toys-R-Us (which is actually an Illuminati front-operation..those evil bastards) I bought a metal bead necklace craft set and a big book (365 Things To Do) for Kayla, the daughter of this evil scorpio girl I dated years ago, and remained sorta friends with. Kayla's eight now, and besides having the usual fecal fixation most kids have at that age, is pretty cool. Her mom on the other hand..I bought Jasmine a book, The Gryphon In Which The Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered, by Nick Bantock. This is an amazing little book (should be, for $20) which is told by a series of postcards and letters, which are affixed to the pages. It's prolly wasted on Jasmine..I may just give her this little box I bought at Pier One, or one of the bottles of Georges Dubueof wine I got at the liquor store. Whatever. For the father, who is far too rich and picky for me ever to find anything satisfactory for, another bottle of wine and my company for Christmas eve if he wants it. Mom gets some little dragonfly candle holders from Pier One as well.

Julie. I havent talked to her since she left for the I daylogged the other day, its a situation I'm not too thrilled about. I bought her Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. Figured it'd be a pick me up (grim laugh). And a little jewelry box thingie from Pier One. All this went on my gold card, and will prolly be paid off in time for next christmas.

I better get some cool stuff, but if not, the guilt will be satisfactory enough.