"Off the map where the wild things grow" Morphine

"So tell me this. Where do squirrels shit?"
I look at her, head tilted, intrigued.
"Yeah. Have you ever come across squirrel shit? So where do they go?"
She smiles quietly as she rolls a long skinny joint, raping a marlboro cigarette for some tobaccco to use as a filter.
"They shit on tree branches, that's where" I reply sagely.
"Well, have you ever seen squirrel shit on a tree branch?"
I pause.
"Well, no. But I'm sure a logger or a tree climber has.." I reply doubtfully.
"Ha! So you can't tell me that squirrels actually shit!"
I reflect on my inability to win this one...
"Well, maybe because they eat nuts it comes out all runny.."
She gives me a stare of mock disgust as she lights up and puffs daintily.
"Nope. Doesn't answer the question. Where do they shit?"

Another question I have no answer for. Another day now to conquer. I don't think it's a good thing when you're already wishing for another job three weeks after starting a new one. I need to convince my bosses that they could use me for a lot of other things than what I'm doing..it's like taking the Diablo to run to the store and do some around town errands, and picking the dog up from the vet. I detest working below my potential, but perhaps that's my fault. It is my fault, I just took the first job I found. It always happens that way..most people tell stories of hunting for jobs for months..I just call the first one and alway get hired. I was kind of desperate in this situation, with rent and bills looming ahead, I was glad to take what I could get. But now the cold fact that I am bored stiff and getting resentful is bothering me. I'm just not sure if I should suck it up and deal for a while or state my case. We shall see. (note to readers 10,000 years from now..people of the late 20th and early 21st century share this common apathy in basic life decisions, in other words take what you can get.