"I woke and thought, everythings gonna be alright, everythings gonna be okay..then it hit me, like a wave." Morphine

Morning again finds me groggy and greasy, sitting here sucking cancerous smoke and reheated coffee, listening to a dead singer croon on the stereo, his voice floating along the opiate stream of a tuned down bassline and haunting jazz meandering streamlets of woeful accidental perfections...

A conclusion to the job issue..I went in last night from six till nine, it was over before it began, and everything was cool. Looks like I at least will have twenty hours a week there part time, evenings. That's a far cry from the fifty I was working before, but at least I have all this time now to get things in order for the winter. I'm taking this week off from searching for a day gig. I'll save that adventure for next week. I don't mind working in the evenings, I actually prefer it, and since I have no social life to speak of yet here on Long Island, it's not like I'll be missing anything. I get Friday nights off anyways, and the option of working saturday 10-4 if I wish. So, enough on the human slavery topic, it seems settled for now.

I finially talked to my evil twin yesterday. I must have sounded frantic to her (I did to myself). There is so much to talk about, and a few minutes across the digital void were not enough. In the past, it was usually her losing her shit and being all crazy, I guess the roles are reversed a bit now. I tried to get across the concept that I'm not the same person I was in Florida; since my removal from all those social influences..I realized the person I was down there was just a reactionary reflection of everyone I encountered, with the real me locked inside a windowless prison, just waiting. Well, I left that bubble laying in the sand, and here I stand, on a northern island of stress and frenzy, where the only walls around me are the ones I pay rent for. I kinda like it, too, in a weird way. This chaos, which I have no ties to. It's been a great time to analyze myself, and my deeds down south. Thank goddess for daylogs, I never would have logged half the stuff I did if it wasn't for this.

"I got out the car, got a little air, felt better" Morphine

ps to all the vile votedumpers...lick me!