Happy Birthday, SimonC!

onto the daylog...

"Well you can buy me a drink and I'll tell ya what I've seen.." Tom Waits

List of essentials for a 564 mile roadtrip in 24 hours:

Music: John Hammond Wicked Grin a collection of Tom Waits covers sung by John Hammond with Tom Waits as well, Tom also produced this CD. Rather incrediable. Beck Odelay self explanatory.

Other Stuff: Clothes, 2 cases of cold canned beer, a bag of chips, a bag of northern lights, and a co-worker.

We headed out Friday night, to go to a festival west of Albany. (see august 16th, 2001). After sitting in much traffic, we finially pulled into the lot at Indian Lookout Ranch in Mariaville, NY. It was 12:14 AM, and the lot was full. We could hear Govt. Mule playing over the hill. I hopped out and immediately walked around to get the scoop on the super long line of irate hippies in their cars. It seems that, oh, 20,000 people showed up for an venue that could maybe handle 8-10000 comfortably. Luckily, we missed out on the super traffic snarls that occured ealier in the day. Seems that a few weekends before, at Camp Creek (another festival at the same spot) the kids brought in alot of hard drugs to what is normally a low-key scene, where stuff is tolerated as long as it isn't seen. Unfourtantly, one kid was caught will over hundred rolls (Extasy) and 60k in cash. So needless to say, security was tight and pissed off. To boot, tickets were $120, not the $90 as advertised. So we chilled in the holding lot, and had the best night of sleep I've had in three years, the cool upperstate mountain air carressing all the stress of Long Island away. I wasn't even upset at missing the show.

So for Saturday, we decided to check out Woodstock, NY. The town is very near the site of Woodstock '69 (and two later MTV sponsored events we won't even mention). Besides a little touristy, and the lack of kind people.. translation, dirty hippies to you tech/mods), it was a very mellow and relaxing place. Bought a crystal, some hand made Nag Champa incense, and a cd. Also found Foxfire 2, an out-of-print book that records mountain lore and stories. A hard to find and appreciated steal at $4.

So Woodstock was a blast, we decided to return to Long Island rather than the 4 hours west to a party somewhere in the woods we may or may not find..wasn't equipped for the whole roadtrip deal. I used the time (since my co-pilot was asleep most of the way) to organize my thoughts a bit. I realized I hate Long Island, with a passion, but that I am stuck here for the winter at least. I realized I am going to miss Digo more than I care to admit..but hey guys, good luck. I'll see you soon in Florida. I realized that I have a good oppurtunity with the girl from CT, if I want to reach out and take it. Or maybe I should just chill and enjoy the sporadic weekend visits and not even go into the mental vomit area of my heart with her. Yeah...

So a saturday night, home, and clean, sitting naked at the computer, listening to Tom Petty's Echoes and drinking a Busch (roomate is in Arizona until tomorrow. Can't wait to sleep. Good dreams, fellow slaves of technology (wink)