"Hey Wolf Moon, come cast your spell on me"Type O Negative

I know the day is gonna suck when my alarm clock wakes me an hour early. I didn't even notice through the haze of my hangover, until after I smoked the lone Camel Wide that resided in my my now very empty pack, and drank half of the day old coffee I reheated from the percolater, with it's odd mixture of chocolate soy milk and brown sugar (the worlds best drinks are made by bachelors, I swear)

Now I'm eying the bowl sitting on my desk, and wonder:

"Stoned? Tired? What does it matter how you show up to work?"

-reaches for the bowl-

"..feel the fever coming, you're shaking and you're itching" Depeche Mode

Ahh...that's better..back to the daylog..

I'm looking forward to this weekend. See, once, a long, long time ago, Garryn was quite the hippy boy. I wasn't the usual post-modern Trust Fund Hippie (tm). driving a new Land Rover and following Phish and pretending to be twice as burned out as I really was..I was the cynical, society spurning loner hipster who could care less if his tie-dye was out of place and the holes in his floppy cargoes were rattylooking.. [ventilation}. But how life changes you. Regardless, I had my tribe, my fellow Creek Freaks. This weekend marks the first time I shall see a very old friend (musically) Max Creek. Also playing is Burning Spear, Govt. Mule, String Cheese Inncident, and Deep Bananna Blackout, all very good bands. And this wonderful event is to be held on a private biker ranch in the wilds of NE NY, where 6000+ people all the same vibe shall gather and punch a hole in the metaphysical ceiling of conciousness this weekend. Goodbye reality, goodbye apato, goodbye Long Island, all for one glorious weekend. I can't wait.

pauses as the inner voice of the techie speaks...

No, there is no internet access there. You'll have to cope, geek

shakes head