Hrm. A scant introduction to the Warhammer 40,000 universe of the Imperial Guard.

The Steel Legion of the planet of Armaggedon, an Adeptus Mechanicus influenced hive world was created by Games Workshop solely for the Armageddon campaign a few years ago.

Basically there were some new miniatures for a new regiment, one that is now not played too often after the campaign. Identified typically by coalscuttle-like helmets and rebreather masks, they are one of the more recent ugly models to come out of Games Workshop's studios.

The storyline for Armaggedon was that a huge Ork WAAAAGH! was aimed directly at the planet, and invaded it, under th e command of one warboss Gazghkull Thraka. The Orks basically are huge green-skinned ogres with arms that will crush a man like paper. Oh, and they're thick as shit, but extremely resourceful.Orks will use anything as a weapon, often resorting to looting the battlefields for opposing armies' vehicles since their own are mainly bodge jobs.

Eventually the Imperium succeeded in repelling the Ork horde, but not without losing some of the characters dear to Gamers and fans alike, the most notable of which is Captain Tycho of the Blood Angels chapter of space marines.

Also for Armageddon GW brought out a new Commissar Yarrick model, one which actually does the guy's stat line some justice, and a really huge model for Gazghkull Thraka as well.

Behold, for Garg has come and will be adding to most if not all of the GW-related Nodes. A quick look over at Imperial Literature or The Warp will reveal some good background fiction by myself and my associates concerning the whole Warhammer world.