A 1999 release from Modesto, California's Grandaddy. This -- not unlike Green Day's 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours -- was a compilation of two EP's (and one extra track), A Pretty Mess By This One Band and Machines Are Not She.

Not printed in the U.S. but you can get the import disc for only $14.99. Well worth the space in your cd rack.

Tracks are:

  1. Gentle Spike Resort1 - spaced-out acoustic guitar with high octave organ needling about a garage band
  2. Wretched Songs2 - A typical indie-popper with Grandaddy's signature keyboard arpeggios
  3. Levitz2 - Slow and plodding lyrics and rhythm over distorted keybord, typical beautiful granddy
  4. Away Birdies With Special Sounds1 - Acoustic guitar laid over a warped voice that provides almose a drone effect. Very eerie
  5. Kim, You Bore Me to Death1 - a Yo La Tengo-esque screamer
  6. For the Dishwasher2 - Soft and spacey, driven by the lyrics
  7. Pre-Merced1 - Similar to more recent of their offerings, this is an organ and distortion driven tune.
  8. Sikh in a Baja VW Bug2 - Spoken rhymes leading into falsetto and fast plodding rock
  9. Lava Kiss2 - A Pavement-like slow tune
  10. Fentry2 - After a sample at the beginning, this is an soft, guitar-line driven instrumental
  11. Taster1 - Another more typical Pavement-like song
  12. Egg Hit and Jack Too1 - Drums and distortion start a big rave-up and jam that settles into some cello to end the disc (not counting the hidden track)
  13. You Drove Your Car Into a Moving Train.3 HIDDEN - A quiet vocal driven track.

1 - found on A Pretty Mess By This One Band
2 - found on Machines Are Not She
3 - found on The Complex Party Come Along Theories (only 200 copies made)