If there is anything that should be in a day log, it's what is going on in the world. So for now on, I'll be keeping the top headlines from around the world here. If there are any sources I'm not using that you recommend, please /msg me. And if you are downvoting this because you think it doesn't belong here, /msg me with your reasons.

Without further ado, here is today's top news from around the world:

The BBC's Top Headlines:

The New York Times' Top Headlines

Asia Daily Top Headlines

  • US team in China to inspect spy plane
    As U.S. technicians prepared to inspect a grounded Navy spy plane, an American military spokesman said Wednesday that Washington still hopes to fly home the aircraft damaged in a collision with a Chinese fighter jet.
  • EU talks with North Korea on diplomatic relations
    In North Korea's highest level contact with the West in six months, the delegation of the European Union led by Persson arrived in Pyongyang Wednesday to promote peace on the Korean peninsula.
  • Western India Battles Drought
    — Still recovering from a devastating earthquake, western India is now battling a drought that is hampering the region's economic recovery, officials said Tuesday.
  • Indonesia's Wahid Refuses to Quit
    President Abdurrahman Wahid will not quit despite a looming threat of impeachment, a spokesman said Tuesday, stressing ``resignation is out of the question.''
  • Japan's Health Insurance Shaky
    Japan's government-run health insurance program is on the verge of collapse, with a record $4.9 billion deficit expected this year, officials said Tuesday.
  • China Arrests 25 'Separatists'
    Police in China's restive Muslim northwest have arrested 25 people on charges of buying guns as part of a campaign to create an independent Islamic republic, an official newspaper reported.