6 P.M., Friday - Playing time 1:00:00

You force your key into the front door, heave the door open and kick your shoes off, and head straight to the liquor cabinet. You reach in and grab the Bombay Sapphire, mix yourself a nice g&t. You plop down on your couch, kick your feet up, and let the day soak out of you, as the gin soaks in.

(6:00:00) - Cake - Satan is My Motor

Checking the mail you've dropped on the coffee table, you peruse through the usual bills, junk mail, and so on, when you come across a letter from the girl you took to the senior prom. Seems she's getting married. Was it that long ago? The night in the back of your mom's Camry?

(6:03:11) - Stevie Wonder - I wish

Having finished your second drink, you head to your bedroom, and toss the remainder of your clothes on the bed. Standing there in your underwear, you check yourself out in the mirror. Is your hair thinning? Is your stomach becoming more of a gut? Crap. You turn the shower on and hop in, hoping to wake up a bit before dinner and a night out.

(6:07:22) - Skee-lo - I wish

The shower never fails to wash off the stress left over after the drinks have kicked in.

(6:11:30) - Tortoise - TNT

Turning off the knobs to the shower, stepping out into the cold air, the weekend has finally started. As you rummage through your drawers for a pair of shorts, you wonder whats gonna happen tonight.

(6:19:02) - Air - Talisman

Heading on to the kitchen, you open the refrigerater, hoping something is going to jump out at you. You grab some chicken, some pasta, some other random ingredients and get to work.

(6:23:18) - Gomez - Soul Kitchen (cover of The Doors)

Water's boiling, chicken's on the Foreman.

(6:27:29) - Stereolab - Parsec

You throw it all on the plate, realizing that you are supposed to be leaving in 30 minutes. You pour yourself a glass of wine and sit down to eat. You feel a bit rushed, but you've got a good feeling about tonight.

(6:33:03) - Charles Mingus - Boogie Stop Shuffle

Rinsing off the plate and throwing it in the dishwasher, you head for the bedroom and rip open your closet, hoping to find the perfect outfit.

(6:38:04) - Beck - Beercan

Slipping into your favorite outfit, you're reminded of how crappy you felt just 45 minutes ago. Enough of that shit.

(6:42:04) - Weezer - The Good Life

Fixing your hair, you start to feel right. You call a couple of your buddies to double check the plans for the evening.

(6:46:14) - Archers of Loaf - Web In Front

Plans settled, its just about time to leave. One last look in the mirror, and you're good to go. Damn you're sexy!

(6:48:17) - Count Basie - Cute

Waiting for your friend to pick you up outside, you think about that blonde from earlier today, and the redhead from the bar last week. Maybe tonight...?

(6:51:27) - Blondie - One Way Or Another

He pulls up, you hop in, and turn up the stereo.

(6:55:03) - The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock

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