A three-dimensional work of art. Many people think that only objects made of stone, wood, or bronze are sculptures, but the term applies to any three-dimensional object that is an artwork.

Twentieth-century artists have shown us that any object and any type of material can become a scupture. So classifying sculptures by the material used has become an impossible task. Instead, sculptures are usually categorized by the process used to create them. The four categories are:

Carving – Cutting away material from an existing piece of material, such as wood, stone, ivory, etc.

Modeling – Shaping of a pliable material, such as clay, plaster, wax, etc.

Casting – Using a mold to shape a molten substance, such as bronze, plastic, etc.

Assembling – Creating a sculpture by connecting or unifying in some way objects of various materials. A sculpture created with found objects is referred to with the French term assemblage.

Certain types of "sculpture" defy easy categorization, such as earthworks, kinetic sculpture, and conceptual art.