I’m operating on four hours of sleep and I’m still going strong. I’m baffled. Sometimes when I get 6-7 hours I can be groggy and useless all day, so don’t ask me to explain why I’m not a zombie right now.

27, 000 hits. That’s how many hits our web magazine has gotten in less than a week. Not too shabby, since it’s only aimed at a local audience. It doesn’t seem quite real, though. Feedback has been low and I don’t get the sense that there’s really an audience out there. See, there’s always been a physical link between me and my audience before, a physical copy I could hold or I could see someone reading. Now, it’s all intangible, and it seems all the less real because of it. But the internet is the way to go: cheaper, easier, more flexible, and the potential to reach anyone in the world. I’m not going to give that up because I’m enamored of wood pulp.

I had been dreading this day at work for two weeks because of the horrific experience we had at the last orientation. We were understaffed and handling a huge turnout of rowdy freshmen and I yelled myself hoarse trying to get them to behave like good sheep. But my fears were unfounded today because it was remarkably easy. I think I even managed to talk a couple of people to filling some slots in my fall class.

The list of current job openings at Florida colleges showed up in my mailbox at work. It made me realize how imperative it is for me to get off my ass and finish my master’s degree and get a better job than this one (not that I don’t like it and all…). But will this really make me end my procrastinating ways and get back to my thesis? I can’t decide – ask me again later….