It’s raining.

It always rains in Florida this time of year, but I’m talking about thunder and lightening, cats and dogs, monsoon weather. The works. So no canoeing today. Again.

The weather fits my mood. I’m pissed off and I have no idea why. I have a great new job, my online magazine just launched, and things are fine. I don’t know what’s wrong – I was surly at work yesterday (and it was a slow day, just like all week) and last night I started a fight with my father. It was one of those things where you watch yourself getting furious but don’t know how to stop it because it’s like you are standing outside yourself.

Maybe if the rain lets up I’ll go out and buy some useless crap to console myself with soulless consumer goods.

But my node Poet Laureate of the US has been on Cream of the Cool for the last hour, so that makes me happy.