I’ve read that the quotation is inscribed over a doorway of the Hall of Graduate Studies (though hopefully there is an Everythingian out there who can eventually give us a first hand account).

Tuttle claimed credit for this, but Edgar Furniss, dean of the Graduate School at the time, blamed it on a foreman named Finnegan. He wrote that Finnegan was "an Irishman of middle age with a battered face of mahogany, with snapping eyes of piercing blue given…to an incessant chatter of frivolity and whimsey" and was "not supposed to exercise any independent authority at all."

Perhaps Finnegan wanted to tweak tight-asses at Yale, or perhaps they offended him in some way (keep in mind that the word mick was still in common parlance in those days). Perhaps Finnegan and Tuttle were in cahoots.

Reportedly there are also a number of bricks with unapproved decorations.