How hard is it to find a goddamn CD crate?

I hate it when you buy something and find that product has been discontinued or unavailable when you want more. For a couple years my CD collection has been in these cheap little wood crates that hold about 30 a piece, and that’s how I like it. No towers, no spinners, none of that shit for me. I like crates because I don’t have to move every single CD to keep them in alphabetical order when I buy a new one, like I did when I was using that shitty tower. And the crates I have are cheap, both cost and construction wise (one splintered quite nicely when I threw it against the wall), but they get the job done. I’m currently organizing my mess of a CD collection before I start putting 300 of them in the new changer I bought last week, and I’ve found that I need a couple new crates. I’ve been to Target, Walmart, K-Mart, and a bunch of other places, and nothing. Lots of towers and shelves and spinners and tiny neon racks that hold 10 CDs and cost $15. But no simple crates. Today I found the closest thing, some small crates at Target that only hold 25. They are more expensive, smaller, and effectively take up as much room as the CD crates in my pillar of Jaffa Blocks. (But they’re made of all natural pine! Who the hell cares?)

If this is my biggest problem, then I’m in pretty good shape. Well, I wish it was, but it’s not. I just felt like ranting. ‘Night.