Don’t tell me I’m the first daylog today! I feel all naked and exposed up here at the top of the node.

Got a letter from Segnbora-t today. That was strange, since I just saw her like two weeks ago. But she’s always been weird like that. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you.

I have been pushing the limits of exactly how little sleep I can get and still function like an impersonation of a human being. I have pulled more than my share of all-nighters and so forth, but I still have always had an intimate relationship with sleep - less than 6 and I was a zombie. I could stay awake no problem, but I didn’t like it, and I would be surly and useless all day. A couple weeks ago I pushed it back to 5 hours, and then 4. Today I functioned with three. Still, I had to caffinate myself extensively so I wouldn’t be a rush hour statistic. And when I got home I slept until about an hour ago, just in time to go to sleep for work tomorrow. So this three hour thing isn’t exactly the best idea in the world.

Let’s see, today I’ve been called a racist, and idiot, and a homosexual on the Maxed message board for writing about Pat Buchanan, I saw somebody get "cursed" in the chatterbox for (gasp!) saying the wrong thing, God forbid, and I got bitched at for creating a nodeshell I don’t even remember creating (which is cool, because I’m sure I did, by clicking somebody else’s smart assed remark). All in a day’s work, true, but not exactly what you want to see right after you wake up. Damn. Can’t we all just get along?

C’est la vie. Tomorrow is another day. Insert cliché of your choice.