Why you ask?

Because they are the spawn of Satan. (No offense to Satan).

My proof of this. Last week, I was going to ZaphodBeeblebrox's place to do some much needed studying for the upcoming evil physics midterm. Well when I went out to the car, what do I see but a flat tire.

"Aww hell."

I then go about changing the tire. There tire changed. I get in my little car and go study all is good. Until this morning.

I'm going to go over to Zaphod's place again to study more. (Note, during the week I took the tire to Sam's club, they said it was fixed and yey.)

Well anyway I go out... take one look at the car....

"AW FUCK!!!!!"

Yes... the tire... was.. FLAT AGAIN!!!!!!! Now... all week this tire has been FINE. (Yes it was THE SAME TIRE). Monday: fine. Tuesday: fine. Etc:Fine. Today. Sunday. FUCKING FLAT! Now I stand there in utter disbelief for a moment or two then what do I hear but giggles from the lovely lovely children that live next door. ... So now instead of changing the tire I simply drag the compressor thingy that refills the tire and fill it up all nice and good and drive my ass down there. I'm at home now. Tire is fine, hasn't lost one damn bit of pressure. Now since I lack a garage I can put the car in I am at the mercy of these little assholes. My only alternative. Kill them before they start keying it.

(And those assholes at Sam's that didn't tell me there was nothing to fix on the tire need to die too.)