1. DISCLAIMER If you or someone you know suffers from habitual alcohol abuse, seek help. Never allow a person who has been drinking to drive any type of vehicle (except maybe a rickshaw on an empty country road), or operate a chainsaw, or play a guitar.

2. What is a screwdriver? The drink of choice for alcoholics, or anyone wanting to drink freely in public while not making it obvious. Teacher, doctor, operator of heavy machinery, elderly person in a nursing home, bureaucrat; anyone can be a lush! And you won't know the difference, because their drink looks and smells like orange juice. This is due to the fact that the vodka in it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. So drink up, scout master, but try not to exhale near an open flame, or a parent.

3. What's in a name? Maybe it means drinking it makes you drive all screwy? The folklore around the interwebs says the originators of the cocktail, American petroleum engineers working in Saudia Arabia, used their screwdrivers to stir the vodka into their little cans of orange juice. Citation unavailable.

4. Let's make a Screwdriver!

  • 1 part OJ
  • 1 part unflavored vodka

Adjust portions according to your taste, budget, and how fast you want to get drunk. (The only reason to drink white liquor is to get drunk fast.) Combine both parts in a container of your choice: travel mug, sippy cup, or canteen. A water bottle with a lid and a long, wide straw works well to keep your alcohol from evaporating. Avoid materials that may be eroded by the alcohol. Stir.