A hillarious comedy show shown on Channel 4 on British TV staring Dom Joly in which he plays tricks and generaly confuses the British public (old people usually make good targets).

His sketches include:

  • Mobile Phone:In which he has a giant mobile phone (1 ft long) and shoults really loudly into it whilst trying to cause maximum annoyance.
  • Secret Agents:He dresses as a secret agent and says things like "Do you have the briefcase?" to passers by.
  • Hungarian Tourist:Akin to Monty Python's Hungarian Phrasebook Sketch. He will enter a taxi or some-such and mutter meaningless English phrases from a phrasebook.
  • Don't trust this man:He stands underneath a gigantic poster of himself with the legend "Don't trust this man". He then asks passers by to do some ridiculous favour for him.
  • Blind taste test:Him and a small crew will ask a member of the public to do a blind taste test on some product. When the person is blindfolded they run off.
  • Artist sketch: Dressed as an artist, he will start painting a portrait of someone. Then he scribbles "help me I'm stuck" on the canvas and runs off.
  • Frosty: Dressed as a snowman he throws snowballs at unsuspecting passers by.

All these are very funny. One of the best comedy shows on TV for ages.