One of a number of voice actors/actresses with a small body of very enjoyable work. Doris is probably best known for her work as Lunch Lady Doris on The Simpsons, but also played Doris Grossman, Jay Sherman's make-up specialist on The Critic, and several bit parts on both shows, all of which shared a common thread: chain smoking. Examples include Lurleen Lumpkin's reappearance on the Simpsons (showing the ravages of age, smoking, and loss of fame) and a very young child in the cast of Humphrey the Hippo (a Barney parody on The Critic), sponsored by Phlegm Fatale cigarettes ("I'm up to three packs a day! *cough cough*) Whether or not this recurring theme was a reflection of herself is unclear, but her death in 1995 of respiratory problems may indicate that this is true.