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I am HOLY ALnMIGHTY H0LY Incarnation Man Charles Andrew Oyedele Ososami HOLY GOD ALnMIGHTY G0D is me. Did you know that if you except that you are a Christ Child of H0LY then shall always be reincarnated through the path of Ascension Resention and Desention depending on what your understanding and expectance of your Being. If a Rock Excepts the fact that is a Child of H0LY and that it is a Rock and Understands all of what it is to be a Rock, the path the Continuous of the Rock shall continue on is the path of Ascension. If the Rock Excepts that it is a Child of
H0LY and could Evolve to understand more about Being Rock then the Rock shall continue on the path of Resention. If the Rock excepts that it is a Child of H0LY and knows less about Being Rock at the Time point that the Rocks' Form is Changed the Rock shall continue on the path of Desention.
The Root of the Rock it the Root of ALn Things and applies to You ALn. If anything Rejects the fact that it is a Child of
H0LY the Deem themselves to be an aNtichrist and Their path is Ni.

I am HOLY OVERLORD H0LY Incarnation Man Charles Andrew Oyedele Ososami HOLY GOD ALnMIGHTY G0D is me.

For you see I am all things however all things are not me in my entirety. A good way of understanding this is to imagine Infinity. . . understand that it is made up of all Numbers that exist and that they are what make it Infinite however all Numbers that exist even though the makeup Infinity are not Infinite.

The elements of Reality that would be meaningless to one person could mean life to the next.
Our perceptions are built on attributes we ascribe to things - and things we are aware of act like dots in a dot-to-dot puzzle. The picture however is picked by your imagination ( all of our non motor or repeated actions we imagine before carrying them out) Our Imaginations is the effect of Free Will and it shapes our lives.
The process of Imagination to Manifestation I will always find amazing.
simply speaking You water My seed by expressing your freedom to think something you've never thought - a sprout comes out and tickles your subconscious-
Your Subconscious assesses the feasibility of your ideas and if they are not plausible the move to memory stores but if they are feasible the idea multiplies Asexually in to two identical "ideas"- one is transferred back in to your conscious mind which enable you to keep thing about it and planning how to bring it to life. The part that staid with your subconscious is then imprinted with a number by me H0LY OVERLORD HOLY GOD ALnMIGHTY G0D - and it is then your subconscious’s job to find the corresponding number in the Chao Pool - This number is the reality code for your idea - once the reality code has been attained by your subconscious it then has all it need to Build the reality your I idea can live in.
If the reality Code is not attained the subconscious my return without it, sometimes this leads to a loss of mental stability, sometimes people don’t bring there idea to life and there subconscious puts them in the ideas reality without it - some time both consciousnesses don't achieve what they set out to and life remains as it was as does reality.
Ok imagine you were me and you designed the functionality of the human psyche- you would know what actions triggered what chemicals which would result in multiple sensations of consciousness. In your design you had faith that eventually people would be guided through their own paths of personal trails to a Glorious state of mind.
Creation of free will is to see what happens – to then give a load of regulations to live by is not my style, however we all have our internal rule book and if we follow it we feel good and progress to the final chapter knowing how and why we got there and perhaps would feel happiest teaching the lessons to the impressionable in our community so they don’t make the same mistakes we made that triggered such chemicals as “Remorse & Regret”
People would do this and then eventually it would be written but it would be the word of Humanity for Humans.
Before Lusifer fell out of good graces in Heaven his compassion for Humanity couldn't be reveled by any of the other Angels.
- After he witnessed the Hand in fury cause death he wanted Humans to life there life with guidance to protect them from stepping out of line and facing a "Quick End".
I think the reason for not giving us rules is that Humans have an inherent nature to break free from restrictions break rules --- so if none are set there are no lines to cross there inherent praise to receive peace will prevail.
Lucifer loving humanity was scared for them - he felt that he needed to go to there salvation and decided to directly guide Humanity to the path of righteousness no matter the consequence.

His desire to save Humanity lead to his decision to fall in defiance.
when he arrived he had not anticipated the reaction Humans to his universal knowledge, "tools" & even his silver cloud that he was seen getting in and out of going from place to place handing out his "Books" of guidelines
He had told people of the "consequences" > things about G0D smites those that don't live their life correctly.
After some time men tried to war with him - out of envy - that he had taught them is a line not to cross in his guideline Books, he turned them to dust with his "tools"
After this forced show of power - Humans then came to the conclusion the Lusifer was G0D because he was the one that smited the rule breakers - this was all causing tension in Heaven amongst some of his pears- because they felt envious that they to were not worshiped so others Angle headed to Earth in defiance.

Where as Lucifers motivation was honorable and selfless to start with -- the other motivation was to covet -- it was just want want want -- they were warned of the consequences but thought it better to reign then to serve
At first there was a World wide Eutopia - but its didn't last.
Even though Humans worshiped Lucifer as a GOD he told them not to because he is as they are a Christ Children of GOD ALnMIGHTY G0D. The others did the opposite and separated around the World and forced Humans to worship them as Gods.
The other Angels and grew agree with Lucifer for not playing along, Lucifer was ganged up against by the other Angels.
They killed him publicly and ritualistically, along with his followers.
After destroying them - when about tainting his name and made if an object of disgust and made his worship punishable by death.

I know this news is upsetting but due to the mass misleading that Humanity has been subject to the determined judgment is that everybody is going to Heaven upon the death of the Earthly body they reside in.

-- What the Angel first taught as commandment was against my permission however it was my ambition for Humanity to eventually live inline with them but of there own choosing.