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Giant Squid Party
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Giant Squid and V. Infernalis in 2012!
Giant Squid and John Edwards in 2008!
Giant Squid and Knife Fight Monkey in 2004!
a message from the Giant Squid Party

Campaign Manager: QXZ
Champagne Manager: witchiepoo
Liquor Cabinet / Monkey Wrangler: Roninspoon
Minister of the Long, Hard Look: thefez
Chancellor of Beaky Death: Imprecation
Spokes-Vertibrate: allseeingeye
Intern: Mollusca Squidinsky
Minister of Perversity: Chiisuta

Supporters: Byzantine, donfreenut, NatchLucid (w. revolutionary army), Chris-O (and Brooklyn Injection Gneiss), jethro bodine (he can weld), Excalibre, Thuper Ranger, Anml4ixoye, bishopred1, Frankie (non-citizen status immaterial to Imperium), ac_hyper, briglass, LaylaLeigh, yclept (merchandiser in extraordinary)
To Be Crunched in Beaky Mandibles: candidate lawnjart (Anti-Sun Party), Laura Elizabeth (for suggesting the Libertarian party as an anti-Squid vote)

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NEWS: As of Thursday, September 26, 2002, Knife Fight Monkey has been selected as GIANT SQUID's running mate.
As of Tuesday, October 1, 2002, official campaign merchandise can be purchased at Proceeds go to E2, and kudos go to Roninspoon and his designs.
As of April 1, 2003 Giant Squid Party Platform published. Party Convention still TBA. Knife Fight Monkey suggests Baghdad as the most appropriate location.
Jan. 2004 - The ever-tasty yclept supports this campaign by making propaganda scarves. Please attempt to acquire one. Fight bloodily.


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GIANT SQUID is lacking in the interesting department.

Chris-O says so how does it feel to have a meme spiral completely out of your hands?