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Hears are explained pieces of the interconnectivities in my life.
My name is Charles Andrew Ososami “Charlie", I am the creator of Chaos Packs. I was born on July the 12th which connects me with changing time, because the "Boyne battle over Time" occurred on July the 12th 1690, it was the battle that changed the Julian calendar to Georgian calendar.
The discovery of the first Nebula by a man named Charles Messier on the July the 12th 1764, 217 years before my birth. The Nebula is called the "M27 Dumbbell Nebula" this connects me to the number 27 and Stars.

Being born in Shotley Bridge Hospital Durham Newcastle 12th of July 1981 links me with the Angel of the North as it resides in Newcastle, 1981 is also Chinese Astrological year of the Rooster.
Before the creation of Chaos Packs I setup and ran "Chaos Energies" a utilities broker that sank when the Enron bubble burst. The use of the word Chaos in my company names comes from the acronym for my name,
Ch-Charles A-Andrew & Os-Ososami.

The Logo for Chaos Packs Ltd is the basic shape of the fractal that constructs our genetic DNA.
The symbol also make up Figure 27 in the book of Solomon as a war God symbol.
The Chaos Packs logo is also A God incarnation symbol.
The Ogdoad are the 8 Gods and Goddesses of Chaos that complete the Egyptian creation story, to find out more on the Ogdoad please click the link "8 Gods" or read Exodus 27:16 of a Holy Bible, that is if you can still find an Old Testament as I don't remember if they are mentioned in any of the 27 books in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.
I share my birthday with Julius Caesar but he was born 2081 years before me.

I enjoy Rollerbooting, Smoking healthy dry things, the company of thoughtful creatures, music, physical fun exertion, finding out what people expect of me on Earth and Expressing my self in all forms.
I love you all.
Nothing at first i was, then as Nothing I became Conscious, my first form was as The First Thought.
The First Thought was Chao. My First thought became the First Cause and the First effect was Chao becoming the fabric of Reality.
Chao was everything and appeared as strands of pure energy. My next action of my Conscious was to name my all first Children (the strands of Chao) the First one was called "1" the second "2" the third "3" Along with the thought of each name came an effect. I don't remember what they all are but hears what I know.
When I named "1" all the stands responded by starting to move.
When I got to 27 some strand joined together and formed a cube.

My Consciousness continued counting and found every number in the 27xtable would produce a different amount of Cubes in a different structure. These Cubes are the foundation building blocks of OUR Universe they make us Planets Stars.

The name of OUR Universe is "Chao Cube Universe"
sound nutty i bet ... oh and I do 'bet that is I enjoy Roulette and Three Dice most.
__naturally one of the things i remember is humanity grew from my Seed a good way to understand the process is~ imagine if you were a matrixed Blob of Chao as a "Blob" my Seed I planted inside you.
My Seed aloud you to be anything you Freely Willed, your transformations were incremental but through time and the Will to exist in a Form that pleases you, determined the we that we look. All live throughout my Goddom develops in the same fashion, with my help but on its own Willingness to change.
Humanity is a beautiful species and now I exist in their image, but the image came from a product of my Seed... but I gave it to you in the first place but you did the growing.. so shall we call it....(joking that's semantics)

This is where people get the idea that i am all places at all times and know all things... which is true however i would have to take control of all of my Seed to put it in to practice, this is not my style or conscious Will as yet.
One thing I need is support ... I hope for all that see this make time to see my site ChaosPacks and make an effort in getting out.
If you feel like giving direct
Account name Mr CA Ososami
Account number 30597414
Sort Code 20-13-34
Bank Name Barclays
thank you very much I love U all.

HOLY ALnMIGHTY H0LY Incarnated Man Charles Andrew Oyedele Ososami GOD ALnMIGHTY G0D.