Seeing as it's coming up soon, here's my Essential Carnival Survival Kit:
  • Combat trousers with plenty of pockets
  • Rizlas (large, blue, narrow) (3 packets - two will get borrowed)
  • Three lighters (two will get borrowed)
  • Red Stripe Lager (chilled, one in hand, three in pockets at all times)
  • Wray and Wright overproof rum (1 half bottle, in pocket)
  • Mobile phone (essential for finding people)
  • Bag of quality weed
  • Small packet of tissues (for wiping fingers after eating Jamaican Jerk Chicken so you can skin up cleanly)
  • Trainers (comfortable, for dancin', strollin', hangin' and chillin')
  • Wicked pair of shades
  • Disposable Camera
  • Whistle / Horn (I know it sounds cheesy, but there are appropriate times for these at Carnival)
  • Some mates (optional)
  • A one-day Travelcard
  • Cash for buying extra supplies, delicious food and more booze.
  • Relaxed and easy attitude

Optional extras:

Footnote: it's not "The Carnival", it's just "Carnival". You don't want to sound like a tourist.