"Over the past few years, to the traditional sounds of an English summer, the drone of lawnmowers, the smack of leather on willow, has been added a new noise.."

Quality Little Fluffy Clouds trivia

  • The woman talking is in fact Rickie Lee Jones, from an interview that appeared in a 2CD promo box set issued by Geffen Records in 1989 in support of Rickie Lee Jones' "Flying Cowboys" album.
  • The harmonica sample you can hear at the start of the tune is from Ennio Morricone's score for "Once Upon A Time In The West" (titled "The Man With The Harmonica")
  • The melodic guitar riff in the background is from a Pat Metheny track
  • There's an equally good remix of it on The Aubrey Mixes (The-Orb-Re-Mixes..geddit?) called the "Cumulo Nimbus Mix"
  • The tune is in composed entirely of samples.

..and it's a f**cking great track..