Full name "James Savile OBE" - (OBE = awarded the Order Of The British Empire award by the Queen).

Popular presenter of British children's TV programs over a long period of time from the Seventies (?) up to the late Eighties. Before this time he was a radio DJ, originally I believe for the British pirate radio station Radio Caroline.

Best known and loved for his hugely popular and long-running children's TV show Jim'll Fix It, where he invariably appeared in a track suit with a big cigar and plenty of gold medallions (waaaay before Run DMC copied the idea), where, at least once per show, he delivered his catchphrase "Now then, now then" (in a funny voice while wiggling his cigar and/or eyebrows)

Sir Jim is also known for his copious amounts of charity work, marathon running, cigar smoking, and general being-exactly-the-sort-of-person-you-always-wished-your-grandfather-was-likeness. Lesser known is that in his early career he was a wrestler, amongst other things.

However, in recent years, it has come to light that Sir Jim does, however, have a much darker side.. see Jim'll Fix It for the gory details..