Well, for me at least, yesterday and today marked the closing time for one part of my life. But as the song goes, it is also a new beginning. Yesterday, after four years, I graduated from high school.

10:00 am:

Started out the day by going to brunch with my family and grandparents. We ate at a nice little restaurant downtown. It was a nice meal, and I got a few gifts, which was certainly nice.
12:00 pm:
Arrived at Will Roger's Coliseum, put on my cap and gown, and got ready to wait. They have everyone show up an hour early so that everyone will be there on time, so those of us who show up when expected get to wait around. However, it wasn't too bad, and before long we were filing into the auditorium as HS students for the last time. The national anthem was played, and then there was a prayer, and a few speeches. Then, they began reading the names...
Around 1:30 or so...
My name is called. I walk across the stage, shake the principal's hand, and take my diploma. From this moment forward, I am no longer a high school student, and am instead a high school graduate. It's a nice feeling; four years of school, all building toward this final moment, all coming to this conclusion.
2:00 pm:
The ceremony is over. I stand around in front of the building for a while, chatting, taking pictures, etc. Eventually, we all generally disperse and go our seperate ways. We have to get ready, mentally and physically, for the party tonight.
10:30 pm:
We leave my friend's house for the Project Graduation party tonight. This is an all-night party, funded by various fundraisers the senior class puts on throughout the year. It really was a great party; I played some basketball, gambled with fake money a lot, and watched a hypnotist hypnotize several of my friends. Whether or not they were faking I may never know, but it was a fun show anyway. The party concluded with the showing of the Senior Video, a video with pictures of all of the senior class put to music. After the video, every student (or should I say former student?) gets a gift depending on what number they draw from a hat. These range from fridges and TVs to gift certificates. I got $60 in gift certificates to a local mall.
6:15 am:
I walk outside with this girl, who I'm kind of afraid I won't get to see again, now that we're no longer in school. We talk for a while as the sun tries to rise through the clouds, and very light rain is falling. We talk for a while, and before I left, I managed to get her new phone number. Perhaps I will see her again after all...
6:45 am:
I drop my car off at a mechanic. Hopefully, they can make the air conditioner work, as not having one of those during the summer in Texas is kind of uncomfortable, to say the least. Perhaps he can even make it stop smelling like gasoline, too. After I drop it off, my dad takes me home and I get some much needed sleep.
2:30 pm:.
My dad calls. Apparently the mechanic still doesn't know why freon leaks out of my car, but he did fix the smell. Apparently, one of my fuel injectors was leaking. Good thing that's fixed, I wouldn't have wanted to blow up while in my car. Another day without a car...sigh.