Wow. Today was my last day of High School.

Honestly, it feels weird to me to even say (type?) those words. No more high school. Of course, I've still got to go tomorrow for our Senior Talent Show, and I'll have to show up to tie up a few loose ends. And the actual ceremonies related to graduation.

But today was the last time I will have to spend a day in High School. In a lot of ways, it feels absolutely great. Like a massive weight lifted from my shoulders. All of the work, all of the annoying things about attending a Catholic High School, ever. No more wearing uniforms, although technically that ended a couple weeks ago. No more having to wake up in time to get to school at 7:45. No more dumb religion classes. And hopefully, far fewer angry nuns yelling at me.

However, I still can't put aside some feelings of sadness. Sure, many of my friends will be at the college I'm going to (TCU) or nearby colleges. But many will not. People who I've known since pre-school are suddenly not going to be a part of my life, at least not nearly as big a part as they used to be. Many of the people who I've only gotten to know this year are soon going to be suddenly snatched out of my life almost as quickly as they were thrust in to it. That really terrifies me.

But time marches on, regardless of whether or not I want it to.

Seeing as this is a daylog, here's a quick rundown of my last day at school:

7:30 am

Small lawnchair party in the parking lot. Quite a few people seem to be stoned. Lots of cereal around, and some various breakfast pastries. Everyone's just hanging out, talking, taking pictures of everyone else.

8:00 am

Go in to school. Quickly grab some breakfast in the commons, then run in to begin my Calculus AP test. What a way to begin a day.

About 10:20 am

While working on some of the free-response questions on the test, I adjust my glasses. This usually routine action somehow results in my glasses breaking. Both lenses are still together, but it's all balancing on my nose and one ear. Not the best situation for test taking. After the section is completed, I tape them back together and carry on.

12:05 pm

Test is finally over. My friend and I walk over to our government class, to try and find out how we did on the previous day's test and whether or not we will be exempt from the final. Unfortunately, our regular teacher is still feeling bad from her latest round of chemotherapy, and the sub doesn't know. Hopefully I'll be able to find out tomorrow.

12:20 pm

The final lunch at high school. Unsurprisingly, every single teacher who doesn't have a class is in the Commons today, to prevent us from having a gigantic food fight. I don't understand why they don't let us have lunch outside, and not worry if we have a food fight. No one's gonna get hurt.

2:53 pm

Prayer comes on over the intercom. For the senior class, our last day of high school has ended. Loud shouts of cheer fill the hallways. Everyone hugs just about everyone else. Everyone talks for a while, then eventually head out; most of us home, some of us to rehearsal for the Senior Talent Show tomorrow.