Very few people realize this, but some of the best drinks at Jamba Juice are not on the menu. If you ask an employee to substitute or remove some of the ingredients from a drink, they will gladly do it. There are even specific buttons on most of the registers for this purpose. Don't be afraid that asking to do this will upset one of the employees; most of them will probably be glad you did, because it tends to make things interesting, and breaks up the monotony of making dozens of Caribbean Passions or Strawberries Wild. Most of them will probably also be interested in getting to try a new concoction. I can tell you this because I am a former Jamba employee

One of my favorite drinks was created by a friend and coworker. You won't find it on any menus, but try asking an employee to make one for you. My friends and I refer to it was a SweetTart, and it is created from the following ingredients:

That will make one 24 oz. SweetTart; you'll have to play around with the amounts to find the right proportions for different sizes. It's quite tasty, pretty sweet, but with a nice twist from the lemon juice. Be creative the next time you're in a Jamba, think about your favorite fruits and what would go good together.