The first thing I know is that I've absolutely got to find someone, and fast. And finding them seems to involve driving very, very fast to get to them. However, I suddenly realize that I'm very old, and driving this fast has given me a heart attack, so I pull into a conveniently nearby hospital, which oddly enough was very isolated on a country road in the middle of nowhere.

In the dream, I wake up, presumably after having my life saved. There is some old woman there also, presumably either a wife or a friend. A doctor tells me that I'm ok, but not to drive that fast again.

After the doctor tells me I'm ok, I resume my quest to find whomever it is I'm looking for. By this time, it's very, very late at night (in the dream). I think it was around 4 or 4:30 am. I start driving very fast down Interstate 30, going west, when I realize that the person I'm looking for is probably in Arlington, so I turn back around and go east. However (and this is where the dream gets weird), after I've driven a bit I realize that traffic is at a standstill. This is because apparently, at this time of night, I-30 turns into some sort of futuristic casino. I start playing some automated game which seems to involve snatching gold coins (actually, those Golden Dollar coins) from some sort of box with a moving bottom.

Someone at the casino is shocked to see me there, because apparently I am no longer an old man, but now I am simply a little boy, far too young to be out that late, or at a casino. After that, I wake up.