The conclusion to the "A Requiem For Homo-Sapiens" trilogy by author David Zindell. The book features the final (or are they?) adventures of Danlo wi Soli Ringess, son of Mallory Ringess (see Neverness). Danlo travels around the galaxy, warning the human race of the portending doom being caused by The Universal Cybernetic Church, a group of humans who follow a Christian-esque way of life, but must explode stars to fuel their crusade.

The book ties up many lose ends of the ARFHS series. Most notably, we discover what ultimately happened to Mallory Ringess - Danlo's father. There is a great space-battle around Neverness, and the goal of Hanuman li Tosh is revealed. Bertram Jaspari plays a significant role is this finale, as well. I personally find this to be the most stunning of all Zindell's books.