Today was fabulous.

The day actually started out quite rushed. Data Structures started at 9:30 AM, but I didn't bother to check my schedule in advance, so I was planning on a 9:00 AM start. *sigh* I used the extra half an hour to brush up on some circuits material, and read over an article for Economics. Of course, before all of this I popped into the nearest computer lab and talked with her for a while. She's working Co-Op this semester at a place not far from Pittsburgh.

So, at any rate, I am in Data Structures, when I hear a booming voice come from the front of the room. It can't be my teacher. He sounds much more meek than this craterous voice. "I'm sorry, but the class is cancelled for today. Your prfessor is stuck in Canada at the border."

The class roars with laughter.

Well, this is great! I just kept thinking about how much later I could have slept... I was already droopy with sleep. But, it wasn't all bad! Now I could find a computer and chat with Jennifer for a while longer! Yay! I decided to go directly to the building where my other classes were, as it has a nice computer lab. So, I arrive on the 10th floor and find a computer. I log on and talk with her for about an hour. While talking I read Slashdot and page through the article for Econ.

Around 10:36 AM or so I decided to go sit outside of the lecture hall where my circuits class is being held, to study. Yes, I was expecting a quiz. As luck would have it - no quiz. *sigh*

After circuits is Econ! I had to walk briskly to the building, because I needed to get to the room early and finish reading the article on the product cycle. Not too fun, but it could have been worse. So, anyway, we got our first assignment back. The professor said that my writing was elegant. Great! I love hearing compliments about how I write. (Yes, in "real life" I tend to write better than I do on e2, simply because I am usually graded. (But I enjoy writing these daylogs more than I enjoy writing for Econ;)). Right after Econ is my circuits recitation. With only 10 minutes to get to class I run very very fast up the hill. I am late for class. Only by a few minutes though. Strangely enough, I think I will be skipping this class nearly every week. The TA is nice, and seems to know his stuff, but I don't think it's worth the hour + I'd be spending there. Plus, it's my last class of the day, and skipping it means going home early.

So, I leave recitation and go to the lobby to wait for Jennifer. (Just saying the name makes me smile). I wait and wait, and I get on a kiosk and read some Slashdot, and then I sit down and wait. I was only waiting for about 15 minutes, actually. She arrived! YAY! She looked so beautiful. She had on a blueish stretchy feel-good shirt, with black pants, and uncomfortable black shoes (I learned this later in the evening). We sat and talked while holding hands, and then decided to get some food - but only after she met with the TA for her Statics and Dynamics class. While she was in the TA's office, I stood outside and read everything on the hall wall. I now know all the names of the Mechanical Engineering staff, where they went to school, their majors, their research interests, and much more than I care to recount here.

Shortly before Jennifer came out of the office, her friend Erika showed up. I didn't say anything, because I wasn't sure if she'd remember me. I just milled around and waited for Jennifer.

She emerged from the office, and the 3 of us made our way to Uncle Sam's. Alas, when we got there we discovered that they do not accept credit cards! *sigh* Oh well. Using the last of my cash was well worth it. Their food is yummy! And the fries were fresh! And I was there with Jennifer!

After the eating, we walked up to the Statics class. Jennifer and Erika were going to turn in their homework and then take off, presumably to go swimming. Well, the homework was pushed back a week, so the three of us left post haste. When outside, Erika decided not to come with us, but Jen and I were still going! YAY! That was the best! I love being alone with her.

We went to her parents' house (her home) to swim, but the water was very cold! It was still warm outside, too. Not as warm as earlier, though, I suppose. But, it was still a great time. Jennifer was being her cute self the entire time. After evading an attack from a snake in the water, we got out and headed inside. We milled around inside the house for a bit, and then her parents arrived. Jennifer talked with them for a while, and then we took off.

On the way home we stopped at the dairy bar down the road from me, but, unfortunately, they don't take credit cards. Ack! And I really wanted to buy Jennifer a milkshake so we could share it. I've never done that before. I want to do it with her.

We then went on a hunt for Giant Eagle. We didn't find one by the time we hit 10th street, so she got out and went into a gas station. She was asking for directions! Oh how in love I am with her. I hugged her immeadiately. We found the Giant Eagle, and then came back to my place for about a half an hour. She looked through some of my Sea Lab episodes, and then we hugged for a bit. She is always so warm. She had work in the morning though, so she couldn't stay long. I watched her as she walked to her car, and we blew eachother kisses goodbye.

After she got home we chatted online for a bit, and then I asked her to call me in the morning. She hadn't replied for a while, so I figured maybe she was just too tired and went off to sleep.

Ring Ring!

YAY! She called me to tell me good night! Oh how infinitely better that is than just online chatting. She doesn't know it yet, but she's getting a big hug when I see her next. I hope I can spend some time with her before I go home this weekend. Carrot! Crab! Hug monster time!