I think I did drugs today.

No silly, not on purpose.

Since the weather is so moist in Southwestern Pennsylvania lately, my yard has been absolutely overflowing with mushrooms of all kinds. I was out checking on my newly planted trees, when I saw a particularly nice looking mushroom. It wasn't rotten, not too browned, and from what I could tell, didn't have any insects in it. My stepdad mentioned in passing that a mushroom is good to eat if is does have insects in it, as the poision in non-edible mushrooms keeps the bugs away. But, anyway, I bent down and picked it, regardless of what I have heard about bad mushrooms. I took a bite.

Just a little bite!

It took a bit (not too long, just a bit!) and I saw some strange colors, and my head felt a bit different than it usually does. I was still in control of my motor skills, but everything felt a bit lighter than usual. The effect did not last long, though, as I was back to my normal self after only a few minutes. Maybe next time I will eat the whole mushroom - but, I doubt I will actually do something like that again.