The scene: me sitting on a bench in the middle of a somewhat crowded mall, just before closing. I was sweaty - dripping, actually - as I had just finished up a set of Heavy songs on Dance Dance Revolution.

I must have been staring into oblivion, or something on par with such an activity, but I saw two girls walking just ten feet in front of me. One of them said to the other "I need a phone," as she looked ahead into the Verizon Wireless store.

Her friend, a rather cute blonde girl, was obviously unintersted in the whimsical goings on of her friend, as she approched me with quite sparkle in her step:

"Hi! You look like you could use a sticker! Want one?"

"Sure." ::nod::

She placed a Hello Kitty sticker on my sweaty, soaking wet left shoulder.

I smiled, and she walked away.

I did not know this girl, and will likely never see her again.

Maybe strange and wonderful encounters like these are why I get urges to travel an hour to the mall when I otherwise wouldn't.

I really, really like life.