What a day, what a night.

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday she messaged me on AIM. She invited me to come swimming with her at her parents' house. Of course, I accepted, without hesitation. I packed my suit in my bookbag, and headed to physics class.

The lights went off again in class.
She touched me!
I noticed that she was cold, so I have her my overshirt to wear for the duration of the lecture. However, I must have been seemingly colder than she, because right after the lights went out, she draped the shirt back over my body.

We walked the same streets we do after every physics class, except this time I was not heading for Subway* and she was not heading for home. Her car was parked behind a little red number, and next to the small parking lot near the Towers. We climbed in, and made for her place.

Before swimming we took a couple of hours and had some pizza, and watched "A Beautiful Mind." I can't get enough of Jennifer.

The water in the pool was suprisingly warm for so late at night (read: early in the morning), but I ended up being quite cold after I stopped swimming around. She did a fine job of warming me up a bit, but still, I was shivering. We got out of the pool, dried off, changed, and decided we wanted some pie.

Eat 'n' Park!

We spent the night at my place. It was the first time she stayed the whole night. Lying there, alone with her, sleeping in her arms, makes the rest of the world and its problems fade away.

She left around noonish, or shortly before. We met up for lunch at Uncle Sam's. It was definitely tasty. However, the best was yet to come.

"Man, I really don't like tap water."

Who does? It is chalk full of chemicals and bacteria. I prefer my water filtered, or bottled. Preferably both. At any rate, I ended up spilling some mayonaise in my water, so she offered to get me a new glass when she went to fill her own. I, of course, said "sure."

She came back with a bottle of expensive, high class, filtered, tasty, clean water.

I wanted to stand up and hug her.

She bought me water.

It was almost as good as the cake. *Note to whomever: I didn't really want to go to Subway all those times. I made the walk to be with her.