...3...2...1... Happy New Year!

Well, not quite yet.

Here on the East Coast, I still have just over 3 hours before the new year rolls through and we celebrate.

(the next morning)
Okay, scratch that...

As I was writing the above, I remembered that I needed to call my friend Joey. So, I called. I then went down to his Dad's studio a few miles down the road, where we played some Super Smash Brothers Melee - and I got a swift ass-kicking by Samus, Falco, Zelda, and Peach. I was way off my game. At any rate, it was fun. But, I only stayed at the gathering for about 2 hours, as I really wanted to be home - to see if the Sea Lab 2021 episodes were going to be new. They were! Dear Lord they were!

So, anyway, I came home around 11:00 PM, and my Mom and Stepdad were sitting on the couch, relaxing and watching the various New Years celebrations on the television. I went to my room for a few minutes, mostly just to wish a couple of people some good cheer, and then, I took a few essential supplies down to the kitchen to get back to work on the moogle costume. The goal was to get the booties glued and ready for fabirc application - and to get the wire colored white for the antenna support.

It took forever to hot glue the slippers because I didn't have anyone helping me hold the foam up, and the glue gun didn't have a trigger! Pushing the glue stick through the gun, while holding the foam was quite a challence, especially due to the seizures of laughter induced by Adult Swim's New Year's Eve Special. God bless Brak and Carl. Tick, tok.


Mother shouted it from the other room as the ball dropped (I put on Botox-Clark for a moment just to see the drop) and hugs were exchanged. Then, back to gluing. Nothing too much more eventful than that, really. It didn't take me more than another hour to get all the foam glued onto the slippers - and my bootes were complete, sans the fur which will be applied tomorrow or Friday. Today I do the wings.

And that's about it.

I unplugged the outside lights, and killed the Christmas tree on the way through the living room. I didn't excersize at all last night, which is the first time in about two weeks. I suppose it's not a great way to start the new year (breaking one's good habits) but you can be safe in knowing that tonight I add 50 more pounds to the lift, bringing me to my body-weight once again. In only two weeks of extremely exhausting lifting and, biking, running, and isometrics, I am nearly back to my pre-college fitness. Hopefully I can find some way to do some great workouts in my apartment this semester.

I think I will.

No great messages here today, folks. I suppose it's because I always feel great resolve, and can conjure up a "new day" every day I want to. It doesn't take the Earth around the Sun for me to feel renewed. But, that's not to say that I'm going to be stogy about all the good-will going around today.

Happy New Year to everyone, especially those who are near and dear to me. I can't wait to get things going.

With love,