...in whisphers...
So, do you want to be fuck-buddies?

Completely not at all what I want. And might I add, this was an emotional dream like none other I can remember having in years. So, here is what I remember:

There were two actors in the dream: one was a teacher I had at one point in my life, and the other is a pretty girl. Incidentally, I know one of these people very well, and the other not so well at all. The strangest thing of all, is that both actors in the dream were acting in a sexually aggressive manner towards me; but, the dream was not a fantasy dream as they usually occur to me.

Sketchy my memory is of the dream right now, as it's nearly 24 hours after it happened. Here are some elements of the dream, in no particular order:

A) Religion exam in some school somewhere. This was the hardship that the old teacher was facing, but, it was the spouse of said teacher who actually had to take it.

B) A kiss from said teacher. A coarse, rough, unwanted kiss. Just a peck on the cheek.

C) Fuckbuddy. I hate that word; yet that was exactly what was said, albeit shyly, yet with affection and so much desire.

So, it went down like this.

The dream seemed to be paned into two different windows, split vertically down my field of vision in the dream. On the left side was the despondant teacher, fervently aching for emotional outpouring, and on the right side was the young, attractive girl, wearing pink, and wrapped up in a soft blanket, twisting in girlish expressions of love and lust. She was all wrapped up in emotion that I couldn't resist being spellbound, despite my disliking for that terrible word/phrase.

I agreed to consent, and indeed became a "buddy."

Though I woke up before anything happened. Damn.

The dream was particuarly emotional for me because I cared deeply for the person on the left, and was very upset at the person for kissing me. And, the new lust towards the pretty girl on the right was fueling my libido at the same time, so I was being torn bewteen being a good friend to the left, and submitting to the desire I felt for the right. Eventually, because the left had angered me with the unwarranted kiss, I turned to the right, and that section of the dream took over entirely. Then I woke.

I want to go back!