Today was nice!

I got quite a bit of necessary work done, including the planning for my moogle costume, which I plan to wear at the 2003 Ohayocon in January. After driving all over the planet looking for some shaggy white fur for the costume, I arrived back at my house in dismay. Then, like a ray of sunshine, a Southern angel offers to buy some at her fabric store, and overnight it to me. Blessed be the generous of heart.

So, yes, I am on my way to becoming a moogle! Make sure you say hi to me if any of you fabulous E2ers are going to be at the convention.

I have one week left in my winter vacation, and then it's back to the grind of an engineering cirriculum. This semester should be rather educational, and likely a lot of fun. I only have 18 credits scheduled, but they are said to be rather challenging classes (though, when are they said not to be?). The upside to not overloading again is that I managed to work my schedule such that I won't have class on Friday all semester. This is definitely a bonus. An extra day to work, relax, or read my precious books. Incidentally, I will be through with my undergraduate work in a year. Fantastic. I'm highly skeptical of whether I am going to pick up a second major, mostly because I don't know if I can handle school anymore. I have very strong inclinations on becoming a writer after graduation - and maybe do some graduate school. We shall see.

At any rate, this week is totally busy for me! First and foremost, I must play some Age of Empires II with Sui. Through the week I will be constructing my costume, building a loft for my apartment, doing last minute shopping for the semester, and generally taking care of much needed business. But, I enjoy being busy, so it should be a good week.

Oh, wow, I might go to Kentucky tomorrow. I better get some sleep. Bye-Q.