Christmas Daylog
To be updated as the day progresses.

1:17 AM
Well, I just received what could be one of the best Christmas gifts in a long time. Sui and Girlfriend called me! From Austrailia! I can't recall ever receiving an international phone call, except perhaps from my parents when they went to Europe. At any rate, there is no comparison to be made. Just an hour into Christmas Day, and I feel great. Thanks, Sui! You're a great friend, mate!

1:20 AM
Now, going to take just a little nap time, in hopes that Santa comes knocking whilst I sleep. (Night, for now!)

10:41 AM
Just woke up. Time to score the little boxes under the tree.

11:11 AM
Presents are unwrapped! Now, waiting on the rest of the family to arrive, and much food will be consumed! Incidentally, while I was picking up the wrapping paper I thought of her.

11:15 AM
{This update hidden until the release team approves.}

2:06 PM
I'm downstairs on the office computer right now, and I'm enjoying my time with Alex, my step-nephew. He and his brother, Sebastian, are adorable! Victor, my step-brother, and his wife are here. The food is good, and the company is warm. Merry Christmas to all, and the day is just beginning!

3:17 PM
My two and a half year old nephew, Alex, says hello! He is up in my room, drawing on my whiteboard and watching Rugrats with me. Makes me want to have kids before I get too old to enjoy the mentality of a child.

3:37 PM
The step-brother, wifey, and kids are gone, and there is a nice drawing of something resembling a snowstorm and a smiley face on my whiteboard (Thanks, Alex!). I'm kind of drowsy from the wine, but likely won't take any serious naps until later this evening. I hope everyone is having a splended Christmas. And to those whom are special to me, I love and miss you. May the snow fall lightly on your path (but liberally).

We better get enough snow to sled ride in. ::shakes fist::

4:10 PM
Well, it's getting close to evening, and I failed to get any hint of a nap, so I decided to play some Counter-Strike for a while. Unfortunately, there were hardly any cs_office maps running, so I got bored quickly. I figured I'd got on e2 for a while and tell everyone what game under the tree this year:

2 sets of pyjamas
2 pairs of pyjama pants
Electric pan to cook with at my apartment
Angel statuette
$400 cash

Of course, there were presents that were not under the tree, and were perhaps the best of all. The call from Sui earlier in the morning; and a call to someone for whome I care very deeply, just a few hours ago. And, of course, the time with my family.

Now, I think I am going to curl up with a new book, and wait for the rest of the day to find me.

6:32 PM
Just finished a fantastic dinner of hommade gnocchi and sauce. Delicious. {Other part of entry pending review.}

9:34 PM
The day is winding down, and I must say, it has been a good Christmas. Merry Christmas, E2!

10:25 PM
Today just keeps getting better. It's hard to say where the climax was. In addition to all the cool gifts I have received over the course of today, both physical and emotional, I just had a great conversation with family in New York... AND I found con-mates for Ohayocon. Life can be so good sometimes.

11:28 PM
I'm putting this last entry in right now (instead of just before midnight) because I am heading to the basement to workout for a few hours. I just got off the phone with her, and it hasn't been easy for the past couple of months, but it's always soothing (if agravating) deep in some part of my soul. My Christmas is fine.

Today was wonderful.

If only I didn't have the frustration running in the back of my mind, it would have been a perfect day. For this I can blame those of mine who fail to see that honesty is the best policy, and those who are better at following than leading. Ultimately, I feel that I have to blame myself for being so shortsighted, but, in general, I'd rather point the finger than have it pointed at me. If only I could wake up in the morning and have everything fixed. But, I digress.

Today was fantastic, and I send my best to the world tonight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

With love and sincerity, I hope the glimpse into my world was worth an upvote or two. Sleep in heavenly peace.