Yesterday she called me.

"Francis! I'm at a payphone! I was just at your house, but no one answered!"

GASP! She was at my house and I didn't even hear the doorbell! What a silly boy I am, listening to Final Fantasy music when I should have been quietly waiting for a doorbell. But, that's the best part - it was a surprise! She really does keep getting better.

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner. I got Spaghetti, she got Fettuccini. I ate the salad. She likes the breadsticks a lot. I do, too. Afterwards we took in a movie. "Road to Perdition." When the movie ended we drove to a nearby park and lay in the grass for a couple of hours. Unfortunately we couldn't stay there for too long, as I had to get home for a short trip to New York.

She took me home. She parked her car in my driveway, and we talked for a while longer. We didn't want to let go. She gave me a present.

So, I get in, fall asleep, and then wake up 30 minutes later to head to New York to pick up the grandparents. About 17 hours later I am back home. Ack! Karate class! 3 weeks off for the summer and I simply have to take in a few lessons before I move back to the city.

Karate was brutal.

I had not slept much the previous night, and I was too dehydrated. My feet hurt, and the blisters from Otakon didn't enjoy the agitation of learning a new kata.

At any rate...

I drove the 7 miles from the dojo to my house, and my step dad tells me I got a card. Then he said he can't find it! ACK! I had a sneaking suspicion that it was from her, as she had recently been away. Eureka! I found the card in the back of one of my step dad’s cars. Thank heaven!

It was from her! It was homemade, to boot! She is the best.

So, for the past two days, Jennifer has given me more reasons to smile than I am usually given in a month. Her surprises are welcome - and I am not usually one who goes for surprises.

Oh, and I saved the movie stub.
I never save movie stubs.


I just smelled my shirt from Tuesday night. It smells like her. I am going to hold it while I sleep this evening.