Some VD illogic for y'all.

I have nothing against the day anymore. My grandfather gave me 20 bucks and a card, and my English professor cancelled classes today. There are no chicks camped out on the front lawn waiting for me to make an appearance, but, shit, there never are.

VD is celebrated once a year. So are many other things, like Arbor Day, St. Patrick's Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Boxing Day, Vegetable Awareness contributing to this holiday, you are sending your loved one the following message: You are only as important to me as trees; leprechauns and getting trashed on green beer; a guy who was a decent President but's been dead for 150 or so years and hasn't done much for me lately; a weirdo Canadian holiday, and a vegetable.

(With apologies to the Canadians....I actually do dig your country. It's alot like ours, only colder, and your idea of bacon is pretty weird.)

VD should be celebrated all the time or none of the time, in my opinion. If you don't celebrate the rest of the year with equal enthusiasm for your loved ones, you may be in line for Freddo's first annual Sucking Shit of the Year Award. Bwahahahaha.