A symbol composed of several evenly-spaced concentric circles of alternating colors. Originally, the design of a target in archery.

The term bullseye can more specifically refer to the center of such a target, and hence to accuracy. The expression to hit the bullseye is a metaphor meaning to be accurate, or to get to the point or goal of something straightaway. The slang exclamation Bullseye! is a somewhat folksy way of saying "You got it!" or "Exactly!"

A bullseye target is also the corporate logo of Target department stores.

ASCII art bullseye:

  .d8888Y'    `Y8888b.
 .d888'          `888b.
 888P   .oooooo.   Y888 
d88P   d88888888b   Y88b
888'  888P'  `Y888  `888
888   888      888   888
888   888b    d888   888
888.  `8888888888'  .888
888b   `Y888888P'   d888
`888b     ``''     d888'
 `88888b        d88888'