A poem by Aleister Crowley, published in Konx om Pax as part of the story "The Stone of the Philosophers".

The Rabbi Misunderstood

"Temurah tells us -- praise to Adonai!"
Rabbi Mephibosheth Ben Mordecai
Was wont to say, "that the Adepti see
Sa-Ma-Dhi equalized with So-Do-My.
That transcends Short o' Face and Longnose both;
This is the deepest den of the Qliphoth.
Match them! the Tree of Life in Eden bower
Grows balanced perfectly from root to flower."
-- This may be why the Reverend Mrs. Grundy
Called him a sodomite the other Sunday.

Noder's note: "Rabbi Mephibosheth ben Mordecai", like "the Laird of Boleskine" and "Ko Hsüan", is an alias of the author, Aleister Crowley.

Noder's typographical note: Yes, the funky typography is in the original.