Since the end of the Liberian Civil War, Gen. Butt Naked has taken up a different vocation. Now operating under his birth name of Joshua Milton Blahyi, he is an evangelical Christian preacher in the capital city of Monrovia.

Since his conversion, Mr. Blahyi has claimed that he and the Butt Naked Brigade were Satanists of a most vicious sort. At eleven years old, he says, he received a phone call from the Devil, who demanded that he become a warrior and go naked. The Devil also demanded, and the Butt Naked Brigade committed, human sacrifice.

However bizarre the idea of naked Satanist warriors may seem to us, one aspect of the former Gen. Naked's new life should sound familiar. A quote:

"Please help me to atone for my past by buying a cassette of my sermons. $20, all major credit cards accepted."